What is Asylum?

Asylum is an adventure tabletop roleplaying game set in a hard-boiled urban fantasy world that parallels our own. Players take the roles of covert magical contractors involved in clandestine adventures. The name of the game is both a major theme, single-word description, and main in-game organization. Player characters are members or affiliates of Asylum, which is dedicated to a world where supernatural creatures (Outsiders) and regular humans (Insiders) can live together in harmony.

Greater than the sum of its parts. . .

Asylum is a political movement.

Beginning early in the last century, beings both Inside and Outside began to see changes in the world. In those changes they saw an opportunity: they envisioned a place where the differences between Inside and Outside could be erased. The Earth could be something unique in all the universe. It could be a world where all beings could peacefully coexist, cooperate and learn from one another.

Asylum is a secret society.


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